About Us

Transforming pain into purpose”

What started as a simple dinner to honor mothers who have lost children to youth violence, the Mothers of Magnitude (M.O.M.) grew into something so much more. Watch an interview of Shalisa Hayes and other M.O.M.’s as they prepare for the 2nd annual M.O.M. event, sponsored by Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll’s, A Better Seattle:


Mothers of Magnitude (M.O.M.), is an network created to unite all mothers that have lost a child to death, regardless of cause. MOM’s works to create a safe space where women can work together to encourage, strengthen and inspire each other, as well as keep the legacy of their children alive. This is accomplished by sharing stories, tips, providing resources and opportunities for community engagement.


We seek to provide friendship, understanding and hope to bereaved parents through a national network of MOM supporters. We believe that every member of our network has individual needs. MOM’s seeks to identify these needs by reaching across society barriers and collectively working together toward a positive resolution of grief.