Featured Moms

One focus of M.O.M.’s is to highlight the works of mothers who are staying active in their communities and/or have found other ways to become victorious instead of a “victim,” despite the tragedy that they have endured. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with each of these mothers and the work that they are doing in remembrance of their children.



Ayanna Brown, the mother of 12 year old Alajawan Brown who lost his life to gun violence in a case of mistaken identity. After Alajawan’s death, Ms. Brown formed Alajawan’s Hands, a non-profit organization based in Seattle, WA that provides scholarships to children to participate in sport activities or attend camps. Ms. Brown also volunteers her time to tutor school aged children at least twice week while working towards a bigger goal of opening a community center in the City of Skyway.



Devitta Briscoe, the mother of 17 year old Donald McCaney who lost his life in an accidental shooting while trying to help squash a problem that rival gang members were having amongst themselves. Since his death, Ms. Briscoe has worked to formulate The McCaney Project. A non profit organization created with the goal of building a memorial wall in remembrance of youth who have lost their lives to violence. Ms. Briscoe also dedicates her time to working with at-risk youth in the City of Tacoma.



Liz Ali, the mother of 18 year old Perry “PJ” Henderson who lost his life to gun violence. After experiencing such a tragic loss, Ms. Ali channeled her grief into something positive…… creating natural skin care products for her new business, Honey Brown Skin. Since her company’s creation, Ms. Ali believes finding this creative passion has helped her with the journey and healing process, especially when others find joy in using her products. Ms Ali also donates bath & body gift bags to local community events that nurture young girls and women.



Kathei McCoy, the mother of 19 year old K’Breyan “KB” Canady Clark who lost his life to gun violence is an experienced Hope Coach who’s life’s mission is to encourage and inspire women with a focus on freedom from hopelessness. Prior to loss of her son, she set out to facilitate workshops, provide coaching and answer the call to be a speaker at a variety of events across the country. Since KB’s death, Evangelist McCoy has continued to make herself available to the many women who call upon her doing the many works already mentioned. Additionally, she has recently began to work on a project in honor of her fallen son…….. We can’t wait until its unveiling!

UPDATE: She did it!! We’re excited to announce that Ms. Kathei has launched “Cars 4 KB,” a car scholarship program for college students who need transportation to and from school, work or daycare. What an amazing program! You can find out more information on the project’s Facebook page.

Additionally, Kathei has founded her own coaching business. An organization where she, “writes stories, speaks messages and teaches principles that empower women and girls to live in the fierceness of truth and freedom.” Read more at her website www.coachkathei.com