Individual Coaching


After suffering the loss of a loved one, we often feel like time is at a standstill while others move on with their normal day to day lives. The question then becomes, “how do I move beyond the grief and survive in this new life that I have now been given?”

That regular interaction we previously had with the one who is no longer with us, now becomes a space that needs to be filled, and more often than not, we find that our support system may not be as effective as it initially was. This is not because people no longer care, but because they too have had to get back to what is considered “normal” for them. These are the moments where you may feel the most alone, where no one can understand your pain. These are the moments where you may feel like giving up is your best, or only option. Isolation can set in and what was once normal activities for you, now become overwhelming. So how do you cope?


Let’s have a meeting of the minds. Take a moment to consider grief coaching, an individually designed program that can help you determine your next steps. Whether it is searching for additional resources to help you move forward, brainstorm ideas that help you turn your pain in to purpose, finding ways to honor your loved one, or simply creating a safe space where you can grieve openly with no judgment, by someone who can relate to your pain, we can do it together!

I offer coaching, not counseling! Because people grieve differently, some find that they need the assistance of a medical professional while others just need someone for motivation, strength, or inspiration as they push forward to the land of healing and that’s where having a coach who has experienced the same type of loss comes in handy. As the mother of a deceased teenage son, I have the ability to relate and empathize with your grief. As a Professional Life Coach I’m able help guide and challenge you as we work together to effectively reach your goal of living life after loss.

I offer this assistance by phone, in person or virtually (ie. Skype). I encourage you to set up a 15 minute, no obligation discussion with me to determine if coaching is an option for you.

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